The oldest pair of wooden ski boots, 1,300 years old, was discovered

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To second wooden ski slope aged at least 1,300 yearsn, after the first they had found in 2014, archaeologists discovered in Norway they discovered buried in the ice of a mountain.

So they completed it oldest in the world and most well-preserved pair of skis.

The second sandal he has length 187 cm and width 17 cm, is not identical to the first, as it is 17 cm longer and two cm wider. It was found just five meters from where it was first discovered seven years ago. Its discovery on Mount Diegervarden, in Reinheimen National Park in Nordberg, an area rich in other archeological finds in the past, was made possible by melting ice due to climate change.

Remains of ski boots and rock paintings provide evidence that skiing was used as far back as 8,000 years ago, according to Science and the Daily Mail, but when until now an almost intact pair had not been found. It is estimated that prehistoric skis were used for winter travel and bore traces of frequent repairs, which means that they were probably considered valuable to be replaced in the slightest. Each of the handmade sandals found had a hole through which a leather strap was passed.

It remains questionable, as broadcast by AMPE, what happened to ski owner. Scientists believe that he went hunting and lost them in a blizzard or an accident that injured him so much that he could not go back. If the latter is true, then it is possible that his skeleton may be found under the ice.

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