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The outburst of a child in a store and the reaction of the mother who received a lot of criticism

A video he posted caused sensation and criticism influencers with her son crying and hitting the floor while the parents shop. Big Brother Australia star Skye Wheatley was shopping with her family. Her youngest child, Bear, had an outburst while in the department store, holding the hand of his father Lachlan Waugh.

The child screamed and fell to the floor, kicking his feet hard. Skye told her son, who is two, that if he got up off the floor he could get the item he wanted.


I AM CRYING SCREAMING. the audacity to switch moods that quickly has me baffled 😂😎 #bossbaby #tantrum #noonewasharmedinthemakingofthisvideo

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“Calm down. Get up, please,” Skye said. She then showed a video of her son content, calm, holding the object he wanted.

Social media users hit back, with some defending Skye and praising her for showing the reality of what a parent lives in, but most pointed to the fact that she’s filming her child and rewarding bad behavior.

“He’ll probably freak out because you keep putting a phone in his face,” commented one user.

“As mother three kids there’s no way I’d buy him anything after an outburst like that,” was another comment.

“Imagine feeling some strong emotions as an adult and someone has the phone in your face to record you in order to ‘show real life,'” remarked another.

Source: News Beast

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