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The outrageous amount millionaires spend on vacations

Millionaires spend money and make memories. Travel agents for the rich and famous have revealed the exorbitant amounts their clients are willing to spend to enjoy their dream holidays. The majority (90%) of Americans have a domestic trip on their calendar, expecting to spend an average of $1,163 per trip, according to research from Empower. But spending more than a grand on travel is nothing to millionaires with plenty of money in their bank accounts. Experts working in the luxury travel industry shared that their clients are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of euros per trip, but it's not just about relaxation or the perfect Instagram photo. “Millionaires see travel as more than just a way to relax – they also see it as an opportunity to create beautiful memories and embrace a luxurious lifestyle,” said Giacomo Piva, travel analyst […]
Source: News Beast

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