The owner of NFT CryptoPunks refused to sell it even for $ 9.5 million

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The holder of a non-fungible token from the CryptoPunks collection numbered 6046 turned down a purchase offer for 2,500 ETH ($ 9.5 million). Had he accepted the offer, it would have been the largest dollar-denominated deal in CryptoPunks history.

The owner of the token is the co-founder of the NFT studio Manifold under the nickname richerd on Twitter. He explained what preceded the offer and explained why he ultimately turned it down.

“My punk isn’t for sale. It doesn’t matter how much I get offered for it, ”he wrote during a discussion on Friday.

After that, the POAP NFT project decided to test how richerd would be true to his word, and put forward the specified proposal. What happened next is already known.

“Come on, richerd. Don’t you want to go down in history as the seller of the most expensive CryptoPunk? ” – posted by POAP.

“6046 is probably not worth 2,500 ETH. This is a mid-level punk due to his 3D glasses, “richerd admitted.

CryptoPunk # 6046 has several unique attributes. So, only 3% of characters have 3D glasses, 10% have a cigarette, and 4% have this type of hairstyle.

“So why did they want to offer 2,500 ETH? Richerd continues. – Because it belongs to me (and, perhaps, for the sake of PR). For the past six months, I have used 6046 as my identifier and have built a serious brand around it. My self-label has value outside of the NFT itself. Because I value my personal brand and self-identity, it was easy for me to reject. I did not know about the offer in advance and could freely accept it. You can’t buy punk 6046! “

The average price of NFT CryptoPunks has risen significantly in recent months. On August 1, it was $ 93,000, and now it is about $ 465,000. The turnover of CryptoPunks on the OpenSea NFT marketplace has exceeded 550,000 ETH ($ 2.1 billion) all the time. The next most popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has only a fifth of this volume.

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