The owner of one of the CryptoPunk tokens refused to sell it for $ 9.5 million

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The owner of NFT CryptoPunk # 6046 was offered to buy the token for 2,500 ETH – about $ 9.5 million at the current exchange rate. However, he turned down the offer despite the record amount.

The purchase offer was submitted on the Larva Labs site by a user under the pseudonym poap.eth. At the same time, 15 hours before that, the owner of the token wrote on the social network Twitter that he was not going to sell his NFT, despite any proposed amounts.

He later wrote: “Guys, do you want to see real ‘diamond hands’?” This is a term that describes people who do not sell an asset under any circumstances and drawdowns. They believe in the growth of their asset and keep it as long as possible.

NFT CryptoPunk # 6046 is really rare. It depicts a punk with 3D cinema glasses (only 3% of tokens have such), a cigarette (10%) and curly hair (4%). There are 10,000 NFTs in the CryptoPunks collection. This is the most popular and expensive collection of tokens, the volume of which has already exceeded $ 2.1 billion.

Recall that in August the owner of one of the CryptoPunks collection tokens sold it by mistake for 1 cent, while the real value of this NFT was at least $ 70,000.

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