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The parable of Armie Hammer, from star to real estate agent in the Caymans

In a parallel universe Armie Hammer would still be a star, would have started filming Look for methe second chapter of Call me by your name, along with Timothée Chalamet, and would be the most requested face in perfume advertisements. In our universe, Armie Hammer goes out of his way to maintain that modicum of dignity that has remained after the accusations of sexual harassment and even cannibalism that rained down on him a couple of years ago, forcing him to retire at Cayman – where he has always been at home – waiting to understand how to manage the storm that, in the meantime, has led Hollywood to cancel it as often happens with actors involved in the most varied scandals. The rumors published in the newspapers, however, would like Hammer to work as a concierge of a hotel in the Cayman: the first to spread the rumor was the writer and producer Muna Mire, who had the brilliant idea to publish in a tweet (now deleted) a flyer that featured Hammer as an employee of Morritt’s, one of the resorts in the Cayman Islands.

The headlines were wasted, leaving aside the fact that Armie Hammer spent much of the pandemic period right in the Caymans, returning last time in December 2021 after passing six months in rehabilitation to free himself from the problems of drugs, alcohol and sex that have made him slowly sink into the abyss until Disney has been in crisis for several months, undecided whether to release Murderer on the Nile at the cinema or not due to the presence of the actor in the cast. To go deeper on the Moritt-Gate was The Cut, who contacted resort sales manager Christopher Butcher and received in response that Hammer does not work at the facility and that the flyer was a mere joke. “Armie plays golf with one of my staff “Butcher said. “He came today to see what we do.” As for the flyer, he said that “we were joking to see if Armie’s photo would attract more customers,” he later explained. At a guess it seems, therefore, that Armie’s concierge turnaround is just fake newseven if in the last few days the plot has thickened.

Harmie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet

TMZ has, in fact, posted photos that they seemed to depict Hammer busy selling timeshares to the Cayman Islands: a source allegedly reported a proposed sale for a vacation home at a cost of $ 2,020 a week launched by Hammer as a real estate agent. Subsequently Variety wrote that Armie Hammer would run an apartment complex in the Caymans adding that he would “Totally broke”, committed to “filling his days and earning money to support his family.” Hammer’s attorney Andrew Brettler, however, told a Entertainment Weekly that it “cannot confirm or disprove” the fact that Armie Hammer is selling timeshares. “The media are mocking him for having a normal job.” The problem, perhaps, is precisely this: we are obsessed with the idea that an alleged culprit must atone for his guilt and that devoting oneself to something else is something degrading, abject and indecent. We don’t know if the actor will be able to win back his career, but we don’t even know if he really wants to: it is the desire to put himself above everything and everyone by interpreting the desires of others to deceive us, and that is why we should all be more. cautious when it comes to making judgments.


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Source: Vanity Fair

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