The participation of M. Varvitsiotis in the General Affairs Council and the great challenges for Europe

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At this stage, Europe is facing great challenges and at tomorrow’s meeting of the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg, Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis will discuss with his counterparts the issues of a “rich” agenda that will affect the next day in the EU. Ε.

In the shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that has been going on for about four months, causing unquestionably strong upheavals, the partners are putting under their microscope the demand of both Ukraine and Moldova and Georgia to enter a state of accession to the EU. .Ε.

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Despite differing views, this issue has a strong impact on European institutions, as it has a strong geopolitical impact, at a time when revisionism is threatening stability in Europe.

In Luxembourg, the relevant ministers, including Mr. Varvitsiotis, will have the opportunity to prepare for the forthcoming Summit, with other major issues high on the agenda, such as energy, for which Greece supports a holistic European approach. the food crisis, the sanctions in Russia.

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Also in focus will be the results of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Euro-Turkish and Greek-Turkish relations, EU co-operation with other partners in Europe, as well as economic developments.

It is also worth noting that the participants will examine the developments in the Western Balkans, with Greece maintaining a strong interest as a factor of stability and peace in the wider region of Southeastern Europe.

Source: Capital

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