The PASOK proposal for a commission of inquiry to monitor N. Androulakis was voted

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The plenary session of the Parliament decided on the establishment of a commission of inquiry, for the case of surveillance of the president of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis.

Out of a total of 299 voting deputies, 142 positive votes were recorded, and 157 “present”.

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It is noted that based on the relevant provisions of the Constitution (Article 68) and the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament (Article 144), the decision to establish an investigation committee “is taken by the absolute majority of those present, which cannot be less than two-fifths ( 2/5) of the total number of deputies”. In other words, the limit of 120 MPs was met, regardless of the majority.

After the completion of the procedure, the president of the Parliament, K. Tasoulas announced that 29 MPs will participate in the decided committee. In proportion to the parliamentary strength of the parties, 15 MPs from ND, 8 from SYRIZA, 2 from PASOK-Movement of Change, 1 from KKE, 1 from Hellenic Solution, 1 from MERA25 and 1 from the independent MPs will participate. He also set a deadline of one month (from its establishment) for the completion of the investigation committee’s work and the submission of its findings to the Plenary. It is noted that the investigative committee has the possibility to ask the plenary session of the Parliament to extend its work.

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Source: Capital

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