The payments from e-EFKA and OAED for the period 6-10 December

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Almost 160 million euros to over 282.5000 beneficiaries will be paid in the framework of the payments that will be made by e-EFKA and OAED in the week of December 6-10.


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1. From e-EFKA in the period 6-10 December the following payments will be made,

Ø € 19.7 million will be paid to 730 beneficiaries following one-off decisions

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Ø On Tuesday, December 7, 1.15 million euros will be paid to 2,290 beneficiaries, as retroactive heirs from the return of memorandum reductions

Ø 35,000 euros will be paid to 60 beneficiaries for inheritance supplementary pension benefits

2. The following payments will be made by OAED:

Ø 110 million euros to 250,000 beneficiaries for the payment of unemployment benefits and other benefits

Ø € 22 million to 6,500 beneficiaries under subsidized employment schemes

Ø € 6 million to 23,000 mothers for a subsidized maternity leave


Source From: Capital

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