The perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Vienna shot 80 times and spread death

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On the night of November 2, 2020, he spread death and terror in the center of Vienna. The perpetrator of the terrorist attack with four dead and 23 wounded had fired 80 times with the two firearms, a Zastava rifle and a Tokarev pistol, which he brought with him..

This emerges from the results of the relevant investigation of the Austrian security authorities, cited today by the widely circulated Austrian newspaper Kurier.

According to the newspaper – without, however, the investigating authorities confirming the details at the moment – the pistol carried by the perpetrator, who was eventually shot dead by police, was made in Poland in 1950 and he fired twice, while using at least 78 times the rifle, as evidenced by the shells found at the scene of the attacks, and, in addition, he brought with him another 194 cartridges in a plastic bag.

Meanwhile, in a final report, the Commission of Inquiry to clarify possible omissions by the authorities before the terrorist attack in Vienna, points out mainly omissions on the part of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, with Austrian Interior Minister Carl Nehammer having already announced a general reform of the Office.

The terrorist attack with an Islamist background in central Vienna – in which the 20-year-old perpetrator had left behind four dead and 23 wounded, while he was killed by police fire – was, according to experts, a heavy blow to the sense of security of people living in Austria a capital which, for almost decades, remained “intact” from a similar blow.

However, it was rather unlikely that Austria would remain an “Island of the Blessed” forever, as it was characterized by the time of the historic Chancellor of Bruno Krajski, who ruled the country between 1970 and 1983, according to the Athens News Agency.

“Someone often had the feeling that some things were happening in other big cities, but not in Vienna,” Thomas Rigler, a well-known terrorism expert, said in an analysis.

Twenty-four hours after the terrorist attack, the Austrian government of the People’s Party and Greens had announced a new “Counter-Terrorism Package”, which, among other things, provides for the preventive electronic monitoring of dangerous individuals who have been released – such as the perpetrator so-called “pre-trial detention”.

Last week, the mayor and local governor of the city and state of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, unveiled a memorial to the victims of November 2, 2020, in Desinter-Friedmann Square, which was one of the sites of the terrorist attack.

“This night was undoubtedly a difficult turning point and a difficult time for our city,” he said. “The monument must be a ‘permanent reminder’ and erected ‘as a reminder that one must resist all forms of terrorism and extremism.'” in his speech the mayor and local governor, paying tribute to the victims.

Hundreds of candles, flowers and other cult objects deposited in the memory of the victims at the sites of the terrorist attack in the days that followed were already being used as museum exhibits.

Some of them are housed in the “House of History”, while the “Vienna Museum” has already documented the points of the attack to “make clear how many people have participated in the mourning for the victims”, as reported in the relevant, while in its cathedral St. Stephen in the center of Vienna, has been deposited, since last week, also part of the objects as an artistic installation at the entrance to the huge gate of the church.

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