The Photographs Found By Ukrainian Law Enforcement Officers

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The photographs found by Ukrainian law enforcement officers provide additional evidence that the accused of killing Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a participant in the second Chechen war in Berlin, is in fact Vadim Krasikov, a Russian connected with the FSB, and not the “Vadim Sokolov” he claims to be. This is stated in the investigation of Der Spiegel.


Reportedly, during a search in the house of Krasikov’s mother-in-law in Kharkiv, Ukrainian law enforcement officers found a marriage certificate in the name of “Vadim Krasikov” and a photo that allowed establishing the killer’s real name.

Investigation partner The Insider published a comparison of the found photo of Krasikov and the photo of the Berlin killer in special programs. They show a high probability that they are the same person.

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In addition, a photo was found showing Krasikov’s tattoos. They coincide with those that the defendant killer has and were captured by the police, The Insider notes. “This leaves no doubt that the names of Sokolov and Krasikov belong to the same person,” writes Der Spiegel.

The photos found add to the chain of evidence according to which the identity of “Vadim Sokolov” is an invention of the FSB, Der Spiegel believes.

In particular, in its visa application, Sokolov indicated as an employer a company that had not had significant business activity in the year before the murder, but had collaborated with the FSB in the past, Der Spiegel writes. She also used a fax number that previously belonged to a branch of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and a man named “Vadim Sokolov” appeared very late in Russian databases.

Also, The Insider wrote that Krasikov served in the special forces of the FSB of the Russian Federation “Vympel”, and about his murder in 2013 of businessman Albert Nazravnov in Kabardino-Balkaria. It was done in the same way as in Berlin: the killer rode up on a bicycle and shot the victim, Der Spiegel notes.

According to Der Spiegel, Ukrainian law enforcement officers handed over the photos to their German colleagues – and prosecutors are likely to get acquainted with them in the coming days. Relations between Germany and Russia could worsen even more if the Supreme Court of Berlin finds Krasikov guilty of committing murder on German soil on behalf of Moscow, the newspaper writes.

  • On August 23, 2019, in the center of Berlin, a participant in the second Chechen campaign, 40-year-old Khangoshvili, was killed with three pistol shots.
  • On December 4, Germany expelled two Russian diplomats in connection with the Khangoshvili case.
  • On December 4, Germany expelled two Russian diplomats in connection with the Khangoshvili case. According to the German federal prosecutor’s office, the Russian authorities may be behind the murder of the Chechen.
  • On June 18, 2020, the German prosecutor’s office brought charges against the citizen of the Russian Federation Vadim Krasikov.

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