The Picasso family will continue to issue NFTs depicting the artist’s work

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The granddaughter of the famous Spanish artist and sculptor Pablo Picasso said that the family will continue to produce the NFT Man and Rhythm collection featuring the artist’s work.

In January of this year, Marina Picasso and her son Florian announced that they would issue 1,000 tokens depicting the artist’s ceramic work. According to Marina Picasso, modern technology will allow more people to join art.

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Initially, her uncle, Claude Picasso, who heads the Picasso Heritage Administration, did not approve of the idea. Now, however, the artist’s granddaughter has posted on YouTube that the family dispute has been resolved and her uncle has backed the project.

The collection was called “Man and Rhythm” and each token was traded for 2 ETH (approximately $6,000). However, despite the fact that the collection was promoted by celebrities such as John Legend, it did not find popularity among users.

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Recall that in September last year, the British Museum announced an auction of digital works by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Source: Bits

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