The pink side: irresistibly pink design

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Powder, fuchsia, sugared almond, bubblegum, pastel, millennial pink… Pink, in all its variations, is a color that can be as romantic and refined as it is disruptive and daring.

Symbol of hope, pink is a color extremely positive that inspires confidence and optimism. A particularly emotional nuance, which manages to influence our mood, transmitting protection and tranquility. But also a symbol of femininity; after all it derives from passion red, softened by the absolute purity of white.

In terms of home furnishings and design, for too long pink has been the prerogative of girls’ bedrooms and of the now cleared pastel patterns, but something has changed in recent years. It is true, pink can be difficult to integrate but, with the right precautions, it is possible to avoid annoying combinations that risk tiring. If too bold, it can in fact end up dominating a room, if too pale, it is rather cloying.

«The beauty of pink, from the most vibrant fuchsia to a delicate pale pink, is that it can be used either as a bold accent touch or as a striking neutral color to give personality to any style. If handled poorly, however, it can risk overwhelming a room in an instant, ”he said Leonora Sartori, of Houzz Italia, which also gave us interesting suggestions for winning combinations.

Pink inserts in the kitchen

In kitchen, an all-white design can make the environment appear sterile. By adding a few touches of pink though, the area transforms into a bright and welcoming room perfect for such a social space. A color like the hot pink, it can be kept to a minimum by treating it as an accessory limited to certain spots: a backsplash, a carpet, chairs, vases.

In addition, kitchens made with traditional materials such as steel, laminate or wood, they lend themselves particularly well to being enhanced with light pastel pink colored coverings, whether they are tiles, wallpaper or simple painted walls.

A modern but not cloying bedroom

If used with balance, this coloring can make the bedroom joyful and never dull. Professionals recommend using it in these environments for balance the calmness of neutral colors or to contrast the gray and blue shades very frequent in the sleeping areas.

Giving soul to an anonymous bathroom

Focusing on pink as a full color on the wall, in the most saturated and dense shades, can give new life and a newfound light even to a bath not brand new. To free yourself from the outdated idea of ​​romantic and too feminine color, you can avoid the use of pink associated with flowers, bows and baroque elements in favor of minimal, from powder pink, with a hint of brown inside, up to the darker shades of antique pink. Furthermore, this color is ideal for bringing out not only white, the typical color of many bathroom elements, but also to “rejuvenate” traditional surfaces such as marble.

Contrast games

Perfect when combined with other delicate shades such as beige or cream, pink can also be used alone for painting a wall or a small room decorated in dark colors or with contrasting materials. But the most interesting peculiarity that makes this color extremely current is related to numerous games of contrasts that pink allows to achieve.

A beautiful effect is given for example by the pink with green, a winning combination to create an environment with a calm and fresh air, or from the pale pink with midnight blue, a match of colors born to be together.

An extra something with total pink textiles and seats

Pink-toned furniture, whether it’s vibrant or matte, can be helpful in transforming a sparsely decorated space that needs a boost.

The pink color finds in the upholstery (sofas and armchairs) one of the most contemporary and interesting developments. Whether it is new models or more traditional forms, pink is for these furnishings the ideal synthesis of charm and novelty. Keeping the rest of the furniture very basic and minimal, these pieces can give that extra touch without being intrusive.

In the gallery above our design ideas in the name of a thousand facets of pink.

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