The power of lightness (and how to make it your own)

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Live lightly it means having the ability to dilate time. That time which is a personal interior dimension, to be used as Spirit of Finesse, nourishment for the soul and the heart. Living lightly means regaining possession of the self, gliding from above with that healthy detachment that allows you to go through the pain while remaining unscathed. Lightness means removing weight, in a meaning that can only be healthy for the body and mind. If you don’t have it, you learn lightness and it’s a wonderful possibility.

“To someone it has always belonged, by character or habit, for others it is an art to learn and practice, in the name of which to practice:the art of removing unnecessary burdens from existence, the ability to let fatigue slip on, the possibility of learning to bear the burdens that existence charges us with “, writes Laura Campanello, philosophically oriented analyst (ABOF), life coach and pedagogical consultant in his new book “Lightness. Philosophical exercises to remove the burdens of existence and live in peace “ (Bur, Rizzoli).

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In an age in which we are attracted by beautiful words, full of positivity such as resilience, hope, happiness, transcendence, “lightness” offers perhaps the most harmonious and complete approach to life precisely because it includes them all: “If resilience , for example, it presupposes an attitude of demonstration of strength, lightness offers the possibility of building a desirable horizon. Lightness is the naked pleasure of living, it is an attitude of curiosity and awareness that generates desires and nourishes transcendence », says Laura Campanello.


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Learning to live lightly means “staying (better) in your own shoes, rediscovering the taste for wonder, repositioning yourself on what is essential: let’s imagine saving time and effort to invest energy only in the things that make sense to us”. And life gets better, even in the face of pain: «Lightness is relief and self-care, it is that ability to recognize what is subtle and vital even in the face of pain. Living lightly is not denying or running away from suffering, but knowing how to recognize what is light even in difficult situations ».


Looking at things from above is a philosophical exercise that comes from antiquity, where thought and exercise were never separated. The philosophical diet is not made up of food but of practices, «which keep you aware and lucid, light and free, perhaps even happy. Precisely because they guide and encourage the search for what is vital, essential, beautiful and irreplaceable in one’s life ».

The first thing to do is to start take your time «To dedicate to something you like, interrupting the flow that leaves you breathless. Lightness is not connected to having to do something by force or because it can be measured as a performance, it is an invitation to apparently useless things but capable of generating positive thoughts. It is a way of monitoring how our soul is and to make sure that it always remains passionate about life ».


In practice, they are practices of conscientious analysis that require attention to the present time. «Today these are all things that evoke oriental philosophies to us, but which were very common among the Pre-Socratics. For example, the diary writing it was a way to bring to mind the rules of the philosophical school to which he belonged. Writing is the means by which to convey one’s own rules of life. Rules that we must give ourselves despite the infinite possibilities to which we are exposed. Only the act of justifying one’s choices makes it possible to understand what are the rules and values ​​that guide one’s existence. The split between what you think and what you put into practice is the split between happiness and suffering, ”explains Campanello.


We are being relational and to be truly light we must find a companion of lightness: «Solipsistic lightness does not exist, it is a way of life that we give to each other».

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