The power of scars

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Andrea Pamparana is 68 years old. He was the founder and deputy director of TG5. Today he is a writer and screenwriter. In an interview with the site of Vanity Fairhas recently told how, on December 26, 2016, he began to feel a strange discomfort in his back which after a few days became an equally strange stomach ache that prevented him from even sitting comfortably. Instead of taking a painkiller, Andrea decided to be examined: he discovered that he had a Net, a neuroendocrine tumor like the one that hit Fedez.

From that moment, and after the operation and treatment, he is well and is involved in the promotion of Net Italy Onlus, an association that wants to provide correct information on neuroendocrine tumors. “Illness doesn’t have to be taboo,” she says. «Professor Umberto Veronesi taught me one important thing: never say ugly evil and incurable illness. It is wrong to define an incurable disease, each disease progresses differently. And we know the beginning of our life but we don’t know how it can end. Regarding Fedez, whom I would like to meet, I would like to say one thing: his is not an exhibition but a sharing ».

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Exhibition and sharing: in this era of media narcissism, communication, sales and entertainment on social media, the boundary between self-promotion and information becomes increasingly blurred and difficult to draw. Probably, we will really be able to understand what is happening only in many years. At the moment, we just have to discuss it, analyze it, try to understand what works and what doesn’t. There are many ideas. The new book by Guia Soncini, The economy of the self –
Brief history of the new exhibitionisms. The treatise by Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici, Dawn of the new gods, on the complexity and possibilities of the contemporary. And also this beautiful interview released by Bianca Balti exclusively to Vanity Fairwhere the model claims her story, her mistakes, the right choices, the wrong ones, the right to fragility and the desire to write a new chapter in her career with the program In bed with Bianca.

“Fedez’s is not an exhibition but a sharing”, repeats Andrea Pamparana. “I did it too with the book Riding a zebra. Traveling with the Netwhere 28 people tell their story because each Net is different. To Fedez, then, I would say not to think for a moment that it ended here. And then I’d like to thank him. With his testimony, he made it clear to many people that they must still have faith in medicine and in science and who knows how many now will begin to listen more to certain signals of their own body. And then one last thing. I too had a wound like hers long from the sternum to the pubis. I would like to reassure him: after three months, no one would ever have said it, the scar was barely visible ».

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Here, sharing certain scars. Another way to heal. Another way to help heal. Another way to not be afraid and to continue living.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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