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The PP requests the urgent appearance of Ribera and Garzón to explain the “spectacular rise in electricity” to 14 million homes

The PP has requested the urgent appearance of the Vice President of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, and the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, so that they explain in Congress the reasons behind the “spectacular rise in electricity” registered these days coinciding with the cold wave that is hitting the country.

The ‘popular’ group seeks to know what causes have led to the increase in the price of electricity to its second highest level in the historical series and the measures that the Government can take to mitigate its impact on families and companies, as explained to EL MUNDO political sources.

The party he leads Pablo Casado This is how he takes his own particular revenge after the current Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, in 2017 accuse the Executive of Mariano Rajoy of being an “accomplice” of the big electricity companies for “allowing” a rise in electricity in the midst of a cold wave.

For the moment, the PSOE and Podemos governments rule out taking any measure to contain the recent rise in energy prices and are putting all the pressure on the CNMC as the supervisory body of the markets.

Ribera herself has sent a letter to the president of the regulator, Cani Fernández, in which it demands that “in extraordinary circumstances like this monitor and transparently prove if everything has worked well,” according to government sources.

The electricity bill is once again a political weapon in an attempt to undermine the ruling party, although the real losers are the 14 million households that will suffer a direct and almost instantaneous increase in the price of the eastern bill month of January.

“The Government that was tearing its clothes with the rise of the light, now must give explanations of why the price rises in the heat of the cold wave”, has denounced the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea. “In the first seven days of the year, the average user’s electricity bill would be 80.71 euros, which represents an increase of 19.3% over last year. Is there no tweet today, Mr. Iglesias? “Added the group’s general secretary in Congress, Guillermo Mariscal.

The consumer association Facua It has also reacted this Friday by asking the Government “not to look the other way before the authentic savagery of rates that is taking place in the electricity market in the midst of the cold wave.” The platform claims Sanchez “urgent regulatory measures” in view of what it considers a speculative movement in the market.

According to their calculations, after the new increase on Friday, the year-on-year rise in the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the PVPC domestic tariff in the first 8 days of January already reaches 30.9%. “So far this year, the kWh represents an average of 17.50 cents (indirect taxes included), compared to 13.36 cents in the same period in 2020,” he complains.

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