The president of Gazprom lives in perhaps the most expensive house in Russia

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A survey conducted by the investigative journalism site “Project” and associates of Alexei Navalny from the “Anti-Corruption Front” (FBC), entitled “The Capuchins” for the activities of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller, claims that the Russian oil giant and its associates are involved in large-scale corruption schemes, which allow the CEO to get rich at the expense of the company.

According to the head of the research department of FBC, Maria Pefchich, part of the research was done jointly with the website “Project”.

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For more than 15 years, a team of Russian intelligence officials has been pursuing covert business objectives, from distributing Yukos oil assets to acquiring shares in Gazprom’s most promising assets.

“Much of the luxury property that this group of” golden colonels “has acquired ends up in the possession of Gazprom chief Alexei Miller,” the FBC said in a statement. .

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The Project and (FBC) have revealed that Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller owns a $ 240 million home. Investigators say a group of high-ranking members of the security services owns $ 3 billion worth of assets for the benefit of the head of the state-owned gas company.

According to reporters, Miller lives in the Greenfield settlement in the Istra district of the Moscow region. The property is located on a plot of 68 acres. “It may be the most expensive house in Russia,” notes Project.

The investigation cites as evidence the analysis of Miller’s flights, as well as financial records that show that Miller’s wife bought the house in question.

“On all of Miller’s flights, we found a pattern. Wherever he goes, with whatever plane he flies, he is given the same flight number: when he leaves Moscow 4G9611 and when he returns 4G9612. This is according to the flight databases. “they leaked,” FBC reports.

The Project pointed out that the estate also houses a stable. “After all, Miller is passionate about horse racing. The head of Gazprom owns several racehorses that regularly races, and in 2012 Miller chaired the board of directors of JSC Russian Hippodromes,” the project added.

The Project’s investigation states that under Miller’s guidance, “the lucrative assets of the gas monopoly have fallen into the hands of people closely associated with Putin. These are essentially the Sibur, Stroitransgaz and Sogaz companies.”

The investigation refers to numerous properties, including houses and plots on the outskirts of Moscow and Sochi, apartments in the center of Moscow and the palace complex “Millergov” in Istria. Although these properties are typically owned by third parties, the investigation claims that they are used personally by Miller and Marina Yedaltseva, who is referred to as Miller’s “wife”. According to the FBC investigation, Miller and Yedaltseva have had a civil marriage, a fact that is confirmed by the same place of residence and their finances. Yedalcheva was a former secretary to Vladimir Putin, then a Kremlin collaborator who for years was responsible for the presidency protocol.

Project’s research estimates that real estate controlled by spy Sergei Tregumba is worth $ 1 billion, and claims that “a significant portion of these assets are managed by the Tregub for the benefit of the Miller family.” He concludes that some of Yukos’s assets have been transferred to Trekub’s companies since its dissolution, and citing various sources, he concludes that Tregumb and his security officials were working not only for Miller but also for Miller. on behalf of the country’s leadership.

The FBC investigation details the various properties, including the palace in Greenfield on the outskirts of Moscow. It also cites the biography of Miller, who in the 1990s was a member of the St. Petersburg City Committee on Foreign Relations, headed by Putin.

Alexei Miller himself or Gazprom did not make any statements regarding the investigation. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg today, Miller blamed energy prices for high gas prices in European Union countries.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

Source: Capital

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