The President of Serbia was vaccinated with the Chinese Sinopharm

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After successive postponements, Aleksandar Vucic was finally vaccinated today (06/04) against the coronavirus. Its president Serbia was vaccinated at the Rudna Glava Village Health Center in the east of the country, at his own discretion and with the aim of encouraging the local population, as the percentage of people who have done the preparation in the area is very low.

Vuτςiτς chose to do the Chinese vaccine of Sinopharm, which was administered to the largest proportion of the vaccinated population. The Serbian president explained that he had postponed his vaccination until today, because he expected the number of citizens who received the second dose to exceed one million.

In Serbia, according to official figures announced last Sunday, a total of 2,567,692 vaccinations were given and 1,090,763 citizens received both doses. 26% of the population was vaccinated while 19% received both doses. Also, In Serbia, about 30,000 foreigners, mostly nationals from neighboring countries, were vaccinated free of charge.

The Prime Minister of the country, Ana Brnabic, estimated in an interview on public television (RTS) that the percentage of vaccinated by the end of April will reach 40%, while by the end of July conditions of general immunity will have been created and the country will return to normal.

“Every week, 300,000 people are vaccinated in Serbia,” said the Serbian Prime Minister, according to APE-MPE. The epidemiological situation in the country, despite the intensive vaccinations, continues to be difficult.

Every day more than three thousand new cases are detected, 7,839 patients are hospitalized while in ICU the number of intubated patients reached 282. However, as of yesterday, the restaurants and cafes in the outdoor areas, which remained closed for three weeks, started operating again.

The government decided to relax the measures and allow the operation, until 22:00 at night, of the restaurant for financial reasons and after protests from the owners and workers in the industry. Epidemiologists consider the easing of the measures premature, although they point out that in recent days the contagiousness curve of the virus has been “flattened”, a fact that is attributed to the vaccinations.

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