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The president of the Czech Republic expressed his concern about the rise of extremist parties in Europe

Commenting on the results of the European elections, Czech President Petr Pavel did not hide his concern about the rise of parties that were on the fringes of the political spectrum in several European countries. “What we cannot ignore is the increased support for extremists across Europe,” the retired general wrote in a post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), stressing that “we must recognize these voices and reflect on why this is happening (the phenomenon)”. Pavel did not name specific parties. In France, the “National Alarm” (RN) was the triumph of the European elections, securing a percentage of 31.36% according to the results so far. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) recorded its best performance at the federal level (15.9%) and emerged as the second strongest party. In the Czech Republic, the “Přísaha a Motoristé” (“Oath and Motorists”) alliance of two right-wing protest parties elected two MEPs, while the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) party secured its representation in the European Parliament. The first time […]
Source: News Beast

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