The price of electricity escaped in November, new increases are coming

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A new increase of 18% was recorded in November at the average wholesale price of electricity. According to unofficial data from the energy exchange, the average price of the daily electricity market last month was 233.8 euros / MWh, compared to 198.32 euros / MWh in October.

The new increase in the wholesale price of electricity is expected to trigger additional increases in consumers’ electricity bills, which will be visible in the near future. Already, however, the bills that reach households during this period include the October increases.

It is noted, however, that the increased costs for consumers are significantly reduced due to the subsidy granted to all electricity consumers.

It is recalled that based on the October price, it was decided to increase the subsidy for the months of November and December to 39 euros / month. According to the Ministry of Energy, the subsidy of 39 euros / month covers consumers for levels of the wholesale price of electricity from 200 to 220 euros / MWh.

The leadership of RIS has left open the possibility of a further increase of the subsidy, in case this is deemed necessary. At the same time, the government is promoting the creation of a mechanism, which will automatically intervene to increase the subsidy, taking into account the wholesale price of electricity, but also the surplus of the RES account.

In terms of December, wholesale electricity prices remain high, although there is a slight de-escalation from the highs of November. For today, indicatively, the average price of the daily electricity market will be set at 216.18 euros / MWh, while in total in the first 6 days of the month the average price is set at 226 euros / MWh.

In the rest of Europe there are high prices approaching in some countries up to 300 euros / MWh. In Switzerland the price of electricity reaches 296.83 euros / MWh, in France 282.52 euros / MWh, in Austria 272.44 euros / MWh, in Italy 269.73 euros / MWh, in Slovenia 269.83 EUR / MWh, in Germany EUR 265.39 / MWh and in Hungary EUR 265.86 / MWh.


Source From: Capital

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