The Prime Minister of Portugal at the PASOK congress: My friend, it is time for the green sun to rise

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The Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, is expected to greet the 3rd Congress of PASOK-Movement for Change, which starts this afternoon, with a very warm recorded message.

“This conference is a crucial moment to confirm the change and the strength of the party in the run-up to the 2023 elections. It is time for the green sun to rise. We all need a strong and progressive Greece. Able to promote change in Europe towards “We need your strength to strengthen the weight of our political family and of the progressive and pro-European Left. Only in this way can we continue to build the European project and make people’s lives better.” , according to information in his recorded message, Mr. Costa emphasizes

At the same time, he refers to the first person (“my beloved Nikos”) and makes special reference to the constructive two-hour meeting of the two men in March in Lisbon but also to the mass participation of friends and members of the Movement in the internal electoral processes in December and May 8.

“Dear Nikos, under your leadership the PASOK-Movement for Change now has the opportunity to open up to the Greek society, to renew the ideas, to promote an open dialogue with the citizens and to leave the congress a united and strong party”, points out the Prime Minister of Portugal.

The match against Tsipras for Costa

It is noted that for the “blessing” Costa there is an informal bra de fer with Koumoundourou, as Alexis Tsipras tries to appear as a “companion” of the Portuguese Prime Minister, at the same time that SYRIZA belongs to another political family (European Left) and the a Portuguese party affiliated with SYRIZA (which it co-ruled until recently) sank in the elections.

However, Ant. Costa, like Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, sent a message to the SYRIZA congress in April. It is recalled that Koumoundourou had made two announcements in the recent electoral victory of Costa (with autonomy), trying to enter the “frame” of the socialist and social democratic parties.

Messages from abroad

The recorded message at the PASOK congress was sent by the former Prime Minister of Italy and General Secretary of the Partito Democratico, Enrico Letta, the President of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), Cristina Narbona, the co-chair of the SPD, Lars Klingon Sliablon and the President of Sligonla.

The conference will be honored by the presence of the leader of the Eurogroup of Democrats and Socialists Irache Garcίαa Perez, the President of the European Socialist Party (PES) Sergey Stanishev and delegations of the German SPD, EDEK and the Romanian Socialist Party.

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Source: Capital

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