The program for replacement of refrigerators-air conditioners begins

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Starting tomorrow with the opening of the digital platform, the recycle change program aims to replace up to 3 old energy-intensive refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners with new high-performance ones. The final amount of the subsidy per device ranges from 135 to 710 euros depending on the type of device that is recycled.

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As recently announced the Minister of Environment and Energy K. Skrekas with the program that provides a subsidy of 30 to 50% of the cost of the new device, households will be able to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% per year.

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The reduction of the bill can exceed 300 euros per year depending on the category and use of the device that will be replaced. Beneficiaries of the program are all households regardless of income and for all homes.

The total savings from the program are expected to reach 209 thousand megawatt hours per year equal to the consumption of a city of 100 thousand inhabitants. The benefit to the country from the program is estimated at 40 million euros per year with a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 125 thousand tons per year.

The amount of the subsidy starts from 30% and reaches up to 50% depending on the income category of the beneficiary: for income up to 5 thousand the percentage is 50% while for over 20 thousand euros the percentage is 30%.

The submission of applications will be easy and fast and you only need to enter the taxis codes and the provision number of the apartment building. The control of the data will be done automatically as the platform is connected to AADE, HEDNO and EFKA.

The selection of beneficiaries will result from a benchmarking with objective criteria and points. Vulnerable households, large families, single parents and families with a member with a disability are also scored.

Those who are not selected in the initial beneficiaries due to low scoring will remain runners-up so that in case of increase of the program budget they can proceed to the replacement of the device they want.

X. Floudopoulos

Source: Capital

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