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The PSOE responds to the criticisms of Podemos to the rise of the light: “an effort” has already been made

The socialist wing of the Government has tried to contain itself these days after the continuous criticism of Podemos to the rise in the price of electricity. The persistence in keeping open this new line of internal confrontation has led the PSOE to intervene in the conflict, at a time when the formation address it is not involved – partly because they lack competencies – in the management of the cold and snow emergency.

Yesterday, the parliamentary spokesman for Podemos, Pablo Echenique, discharged all responsibility for the increase in the energy bill on the PSOE “The powers to carry them out are not found in the ministries of United We Can,” he said. And the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho à ?? lvarez, reminded the Socialists of the Government pact to “lower the bill.” “That agreement must be implemented now.”

PSOE sources have responded today that the Executive has made a “sustained effort.” “Social measures” have been approved against energy poverty. Furthermore, work is being done on a new regulatory framework, in which steps have already been taken such as the “elimination of the sun tax”, “renewable auctions”, “promotion of self-consumption”, “energy efficiency. “, the” promotion of savings in the part of the fixed rate “and the” creation of a fund for the sustainability of the electrical system “.

These are, they highlight, “very important” changes, some of which “are included in the coalition agreement”, which “have a positive impact on consumer and investor confidence”. In this way, the socialists reject that they are not complying with the government agreement with Podemos. However, they assume that work must continue to “improve the functioning of the market” and “consumer protection within the European regulatory framework.”

The Government spokesperson and Finance Minister, MarÃa Jesús Montero, defended yesterday that we are facing a “specific rise due to the increase in demand and the lack of renewables.” “It will not be a rise that is applied in a linear way to the consumer and we will have to see what the effect is on the whole of the month,” he added. The socialist part of the Executive rejects the creation of a public energy company, as proposed by Podemos, or a lowering of VAT on the price of electricity, which would go against the position of the EU.

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