The queen flew to Sandringham (with the permission of the royal doctors)

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The ninety-five year old Elizabeth II he recovers – at least in part – his life. After the very short admission to King Edward VII Hospital a few days ago the court doctors had imposed on them absolute rest and many waivers: no evening drinks, no late-night TV, no horseback riding or in the company of beloved dogs, no travel. And in fact, His Majesty had to give up also at CoP26 in Glasgow, a crucial international conference on climate to which he nevertheless wanted to bring his contribution with a touching video message from Windsor.

But the sovereign was soon tired of being shut up in her castle. And as he tells People over the weekend she convinced the royal doctors to give her permission to go to the beloved estate in Sandringham where she usually spend the Christmas holidays with the other members of the royal family. However she didn’t go there on the train, as her habit: the journey by car to the nearest railway station and the various journeys to be made necessarily on foot would have tired the sovereign too much who recently, in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, was appeared for the first time in public with a walking stick. Elizabeth therefore got on theroyal helicopter that awaited her on the runway near Windsor Castle and landed at Sandringham half an hour later. Followed, as well as by assistants, valets, chefs and bodyguards, by a team of royal doctors.

The sovereign, they say at court, wants to spend alone some day on the Norfolk estate. The 14 September is indeed expected back in London for Remembrance Sunday, the solemn commemoration for the fallen in war. Some British media, however, put forward another hypothesis: The Queen actually decided to start his Christmas holidays early. The first without the beloved Filippo, who died last April at the age of 99.

In 2020, the queen and her husband, causes Coronavirus pandemichad spent the loneliest Christmas ever in Windsor. For the first time in 33 years in fact, they had not been able to go to the country house in Sandringham to celebrate with the whole royal family. Buckingham Palace has not yet announced the sovereign’s plans for Christmas 2021, but certainly Elizabeth, this year, hopes to be able to return to welcome children and grandchildren to Norfolk.


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