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The “queen” of influencers is accused of tax evasion of 190 million euros

THE China in its effort to better regulate the new professions and ways of generating revenue created with social media, has targeted their influencers and started by the. queen, imposing not just hefty fines, but penalties amounting to hundreds of millions of euros. As stated by the Authorities, they are looking for the “common well-being of all”.

THE Huang Wei, then, or otherwise “Viya”, which in recent years has been promoting products to more than 100 million followers on its social media platforms, has received a Tax office of the country for alleged tax evasion as she did not declare her income. The fine amounts to 190 million euros.

In the past few days, her followers searched in vain for her pages where she sells her products or her social media accounts. It all closed after the competent service announced the fine.

The influencer, who in China considered the “queen” of e-commerce through social media and live streaming applications, reportedly escaped to declare 89.3 million euros between 2019 and 2020. It also did not pay taxes of 8.3 million euros that should have pay from other activities. Authorities said he cooperated with them and paid 69.5 million euros during the investigations after admitting to being illegal.

Two other influencers were punished by the authorities. Zhou Chenhui, better known as «Xeuli Cherie» and the Lynn Shansan, otherwise, «Lin Shanshan Sunny», received… ravasaki and will be called to pay a fine of 129.5 million euros in total. Efforts to better regulate the sector will continue, say authorities investigating other cases of influencers who concealed or falsely declared their income in previous years.

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