The reason Jamie Lee Curtis ran home right after the Oscars

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In gala dress, with the statuette in hand (the Oscar just won as best supporting actress in the film from 7 Academy Awards Everything Everywhere All at Once), his thought was only for Runes, the love of his life. Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to immortalize and post his on Instagram “best meeting of the evening”even if, he adds, he doesn’t care at all about the statuette.

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But beyond the dedication of love, – the actress came home to be with him “connecting with him in the only way possible when you feel a love for an animal as I feel for him, and he for me” – Jamie Lee Curtis uses the post to give voice to a topic he cares about: #adoptdontshopthat is to say, adopting their animals in shelters and kennels rather than buying themas happened with Runi, caught at the shelter @perfect_per_rescue of Los Angles.

Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as an animal rights activist, she has always been a fervent environmentalist: in 2022 she signed as co-author an environmentalist-themed graphic novel from which she will make a film, Mother Nature. The story was created together with screenwriter Russell Goldman and artist Karl Stevens, on a plot that had been in the actress’s head since she was 18 years old.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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