The recipe for the official Cortina 2021 Ski World Cup cocktail (low alcohol and easy)

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What does a person generally do in the mountains in winter when the sun goes down? Often, he pampers himself with a sin of gluttony. Maybe with something alcoholic. It will happen every day until 21 February in the “pearl” of the Dolomites, where for the entire duration of the World Ski Championships will be offered at the end of the day official drink. And, in preview at, the barman Matteo Magri explains how to make the recipe for his cocktail designed for at home Cortina 2021.

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«It is a cocktail with a low alcohol content, of great visual impact and with products in the name of the territory.

The main distillate is Gin Villa Laviosa 8025, made with botanicals collected in our mountains », he explains Matteo Magri, historian’s barman Molo Pub in Cortina. «The ingredients speak of the territory and my history. Starting with elderberry syrup, an ingredient from my childhood. Yes, because my grandmother used to collect the flowers and then turn them into syrup when I was little. Then, to balance the sweetness, I added lemon juice and to give the drink a bitter touch the soda top. Finally, I inserted two drops of Blue Pea Flower, natural dye based on blue hibiscus flowers (to be precise, the perennial plant Clitorea Ternatea) which gives the cocktail a shade between lilac and pink, evocative of our mountains at sunset », he adds.

«I have always been committed to telling the territory in my recipes. And today it seems to me that this is even more important “, concludes Matteo Magri, author of the drink recipe for Cortina 2021 together with Eddi Da Corte e Matteo Bernardi of the Pier Pub Cortina.

At Clitorea Ternatea
Clitorea Ternatea is a climbing perennial plant that reaches up to 3 meters in length. Curiosity: it has long been cultivated for its healing powers and for its natural coloring effect. It produces fruits very similar to those of peas; the young pods and leaves are eaten as a vegetable; the flowers are used to impart the blue color to food and drink. Very rich in antioxidants, the Clitorea reproduces from seed and resists up to -5 ° C.

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