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The Red Sea International Film Festival in Cannes honors Aseel Omran among the talents of Women in Cinema

The first passion of Aseel Omranone of the female talents on which the Red Sea Film Foundation – linked to the Red Sea International Film Festival – has decided to focus on Cannes 2024 through the initiative Women in Cinema , it was the music. Ever since she was in high school. And her first public appearance, in 2005, in a talent show did not go unnoticed, quickly transforming her into a Saudi television star.

But things began to evolve further towards 2010, when Omran began to increasingly favor another passion of his, that of acting. Which led her to become today one of the six female talents on which she the Red Sea Film Foundation – linked to the Red Sea International Film Festival – has decided to focus on the initiative Women in Cinema which this year arrives at the Cannes Film Festival with a dinner-gala organized in collaboration with Vanity Fair Europe. “Helping to expand opportunities for women in the film industry,” says Omran. “Furthermore, Women in Cinema it fosters a sense of community which, in turn, promotes women's confidence in themselves and their chances of success.”

Not that Omran has completely put aside his talent for music. After releasing his first album in 2007, followed by two others in 2008 and 2011, in 2016, he released a music video, Don't You Need Somebodyfor which he collaborated with Enrique Iglesias, Shaggy, J.Lo, Cristiano Ronaldo and other international celebrities, and which achieved enormous popularity in the Arab world with over 50 million views on YouTube.

Simply, Like other young talents before her, she combined music with acting. She also became known as the protagonist of TV series. To name one: Black Crows (The black crows) on Netflix.

How important is that sense of community you were talking about before? The possibility of meeting at events conceived just like Women in Cinema to support the female presence in the world of entertainment, their creativity?
«Once upon a time, what women could share were only their dreams. Ambitions that have become reality today. It is important to have opportunities like this to exchange ideas and work towards achieving each of us's goals through everyone's support. Many films that we see at the cinema today or that are selected at important festivals such as Cannes are the concrete result of this type of event.”

Were there women who helped you in your career or who inspired you?
«Many have encouraged me and helped me become stronger. And there are also many women who have been a source of inspiration for me, perhaps without them knowing it. Especially those who fought for equal rights and to break barriers and change the rules.”

What can be done now to help the new generations of artists?
«We need to make them understand that it is important to find your own path, to be determined and that you must never stop believing in yourself despite all the obstacles you may encounter. We must help and support each other, create a community, offer guidance to the younger ones, do everything possible so that they are listened to and have the same opportunities to express themselves in every area of ​​life.”

Could having a greater female presence at all levels in the film industry also have a positive impact on a social level?
“Absolutely. Once upon a time we were not taken seriously or considered central. For this reason, having more female professionals in fields such as, for example, directing, producing, screenplay writing undoubtedly represents a push towards the creation of greater diversity and helps to show the role of women in its entirety.”

What role do international festivals like the Red Sea International Film Festival play in giving space and voice to women in the film industry?
«The Red Sea Film Foundation, linked to the Red Sea International Film Festival and created to finance projects especially by female filmmakers, plays a crucial role. Because it promotes diversity and inclusiveness, giving women the opportunity to make their work known at prestigious festivals such as Cannes. The Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania who directed a wonderful documentary, Four Daughterswhich I recommend everyone to see (Presented last year in Cannes, it will be released in Italian cinemas on 27 June, ed.), for example, received a nomination for the 2024 Oscars and important awards at other festivals around the world. A light of hope for the new generations.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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