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The remedy for foot blisters when wearing a new pair of shoes

There is no greater joy than wearing a new pair of shoes, but happiness will most likely be accompanied definitely annoying pain and blisters. And in 2024, “those who want to appear beautiful have to suffer a little” is decidedly out of fashion and so why have to suffer?

It doesn't matter whether they are dizzying high heels or low-cut ballet flats, there are those who just can't avoid them in any way. the arrival of blisters or small abrasions. And I am also among these people. A true expert on the topic that she always has in her bag, backpack or office hydrocolloid patches to try to take action when it's too late. But as they say in these cases, not all evil has a silver lining and, in fact, I managed to find the solution that, unexpectedly, saved me.

The approved and tested anti-chafing cream

It all started from a simple reasoning: the Blisters are caused by rubbing therefore, by limiting the friction between the most critical points and the surface of the shoe, the symptoms and consequences would have been significantly reduced.

And if the best discoveries come from experiments, who am I to hold back? As an assiduous user of anti-chafing creams, especially in the summer, I thought I'd move the action from the legs to the feet.

Decathlon, Anti-chafing cream

The choice has never been the right one: an economical remedy, the price is in fact decidedly lower than the classic sticks designed and marketed precisely for this purpose, and a decidedly more long-lasting result. Available in both cream and stickare silicone-based ointments, used by professional athletes such as triathletes, runner and not only.

How to apply anti-chafing cream to avoid blisters

The productwhich must be applied to the chosen areas such as heels, toes and sides, must then be spread avoiding complete absorption. What will then be created is a real protective film that will reduce significantly the friction between the leather and the upper of the shoe, thus preventing the onset of blisters and the resulting pain.

An experiment that worked for bootslike the terrible Dr. Martens, but also for sandals worn for hours and hours during decidedly interminable weddings.

Don't worry about the shoes either: as it does not use any type of oil or grease, the cream will not stain the skin or leather, even if you want to wear the shoe barefoot. And yes, if you are wondering if it also works under stockings and tights, more or less thick, I can say with certainty that even in this case the application of the cream worked 100%.

An emergency remedy, to also keep in your bag, to save your friend who doesn't yet know about this truly life-saving product. And if the sold out is around the corner, here are two valid alternatives to buy with one click.

Dermovitamina, Anti-chafing Stick
Dermovitamina, Filmocare Anti-chafing Gel

Source: Vanity Fair

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