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The remedy to deflate bags under the eyes that will change your look (for less than 15 euros)

The search for remedies for bags and dark circles it brings together many people. It doesn’t matter your age, your current beauty routine or your lifestyle: finding a fresh and luminous look is almost a mission for many.

And if after having tried the best eye contour creams, including the best known and best-selling, and after countless applications of eye patches, disposable and otherwise, nothing has yet been resolved, perhaps it is time to go further and also look for the tool and allied beauty tools (and enemies of dark circles & co).

But if we talk about beauty devices, it is usually easy to give up on the first scroll on the main beauty e-shops because – and this is undeniable – the prices are not always affordable. Indeed, it is easy to come across figures with multiple zeros that transform a dream of beauty into a real nightmare.

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This time, however, defeat against the stock exchanges and the accumulation of liquids in the periocular area it is more accessible than you think and the treatment is not at all aggressive or invasive. Indeed, this moment of beauty routine will become a true beauty cuddle which, little by little, will become indispensable.

Facial Ice Globes: the remedy for bags under the eyes that you didn’t know yet

Facial Ice Globes

Anyone who has stumbled upon these colored balls, at least once, will probably have thought they were faced with a toy rather than a tool dedicated to skincare. And indeed their appearance can be deceiving, but something more is hidden behind them. These two handpiecesusually made of glass and filled with liquid, are called Facial Ice Globes and they will bring benefit to those who have been looking for one for a long time less tired look.

These balls, in fact, exploit one of the oldest methods for firming: thermal shock. Nothing excessive, also given the extremely delicate area to be treated, but a pleasant cold effect that will help the tissues to firm up and the liquids to drain away, thus leaving the area relaxed and compact.

Some might think of the old method of teaspoons in the freezerbut these ice globes have more advantages than beauty advice grandmother’s. Steel is in fact an excellent conductor, but just as it tends to cool quickly it also tends to disperse the drop in temperature in a very short time. On the contrary, the handpieces, made in glass pyrex they contain an antifreeze solution that stays fresh longer.

How to use ice globes

To keep the refrigerators ready for use, the ice globes they can be used every day or as a weekly treatment for extra care. During normal skincare, in fact, it will be possible to add this passage of beauty combining it either with a wetting product, to make the handpiece slide easier, or without anything at all. The advice, regarding the eye contour area, is to pass these handpieces with light and repeated massages after applied a moisturizing oil or eye contour extremely rich.

This will not only allow the product dI slide the ballsbut also to be massaged throughout the area, penetrating as best as possible.

Circular movements, applying minimal pressurewithout forgetting the fixed eyelid, as well as a passage also in the central part to avoid the formation of unpleasant vertical wrinkles. Few movements, decidedly easy and, above all, quick to do even every day.

The benefits of using Ice Globes

Fewer dark circles, more deflated bags and also a decidedly brighter look: but these are just the things benefits of using Ice Globes? Absolutely not, in fact the reasons for buying and trying these devices also concern other areas of the face.

The facial massage, taking advantage of the benefits of the cold, helps promote blood circulation and bring more oxygen to the blood. And, as a result, dark spots and pigmentation will fade, revealing a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion.

Fraîcheur Paris Facial Ice Globes
Pfefe, Cryo Globe

Source: Vanity Fair

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