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The results of Novartis coronavirus are very encouraging – At 78% effectiveness

Novartis will take intensive steps to develop an experimental drug against Covid-19, following encouraging results that show significantly lower rates of adverse health outcomes of patients receiving the antiviral drug in mid-range clinical trials.

Covid patients receiving ensovibep treatment showed a 78% reduced risk of needing to be taken to an Intensive Care Unit, hospitalized or lost their lives in a study of 407 people, according to the company. . The drug seems to have achieved its second main purpose, which is to reduce the viral load in the patient’s body within a period of eight days.

Novartis notes that it will exercise the right to patent ensovibep through its Swiss partner Molecular Partners, which will receive a payment of 150 million Swiss francs ($ 163 million). Novartis is thus responsible for the development, production and sale of the treatment.

If approved, Novartis’s antiviral will be the first to attack the coronavirus protein directly at multiple levels, making it highly effective against existing and potential future mutations, according to Bloomberg.

Unlike Pfizer and Merck antiviral pills, Novartis is given intravenously, so you need to see a doctor. The company will share the data with health regulators within January and begin a broader clinical trial to confirm preliminary results as soon as possible.

A laboratory study showed that ensovibep could also counteract the Homicron mutation. 1,700 people will take part in the wider clinical study.


Source From: Capital

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