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The rise of the far right in France and Brussels is bringing political unrest to the EU

The rate of rise of the extreme right in the European elections in several European countries such as France and Brussels is causing concern. The first estimates confirm a clear rise of nationalist and radical right factions and the defeat of the leaders of the two biggest European powers, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, who announced the dissolution of the French National Assembly. The European elections, in which 360 million voters were called to the polls to elect 720 MEPs, took place in a climate weighed down by the difficult economic situation, the war in Ukraine, at a time when the European Union is facing strategic challenges vis-à-vis China and the United States. In France, the National Alarm led by Jordan Bardela dominated with 31.5% of the vote (31 seats), against President Macron’s Renaissance party (15.2%), according to exit poll estimates. In Germany, despite the scandals that rocked the leader of the list, the far-right Alternative for Germany […]
Source: News Beast

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