The Russian Federation adopted a law on taxes on operations with CFA

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On June 28, the State Duma adopted law, which establishes the features of taxation of transactions with digital financial assets (DFA). The document fixed the corporate income tax and personal income tax rates, as well as the taxation of operations for the sale of CFA with value added tax. Writes about it RBC Crypto.

A tax rate of 13% will be applied to the income of Russian organizations from the sale of CFA (if the taxable base exceeds 5 million rubles per year – 15% of the excess amount). To income received by foreign organizations – 15%.

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According to the law, VAT will not be levied on operations for the sale of DFA in Russia, as well as the services of information system operators and DFA exchange operators, with the exception of consulting services and services for granting rights to use software.

The document states that the financial result on operations with digital financial assets is determined as of the date of income payment. The tax base for operations with CFA may be reduced by the amount of the loss on such operations.

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The operator of the information system will be obliged to provide the tax authority with information on all transactions with DFA and DRM issued by this operator by February 1. The data will concern each user of the information system that is a party to the transaction with DFA.

Russia’s first digital financial assets (DFS) can be issued before the end of this year, Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma committee on the financial market, said earlier.

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