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The Russian package “MyOffice” will be installed in all schools in Guinea: why they chose it

The developers of the Russian office suite “MyOffice” have signed a contract with the authorities of the Republic of Guinea for the supply of 300,000 educational licenses – enough to cover the needs of all schools in the West African country. Under the terms of the agreement, all licenses for the MyOffice Education software will be transferred to schools in Guinea within 10 years.

According to Dmitry Komissarov, General Director of MyOffice, Guinea is one of the few countries in Africa where more than 91% of children are enrolled in school (data from the World Bank). A few years ago, the government of Guinea took up the digitalization of the country: within 10 years, local schools must upgrade their equipment to modern ones, revise the school curriculum and form a single educational standard for all local institutions.

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According to the Minister of National Education and Literacy of the Republic of Guinea, Alpha Amadou Bano Barry, the local government noted the security and multi-platform benefits in the MyOffice package (the software is available on both computers and smartphones).

“We note the high interest in the products of MyOffice in Africa. Governments of developing countries, including the Government of the Republic of Guinea, are seriously concerned about the problem of unauthorized access to user data that may arise when using public cloud services. When choosing software products, our African partners make high demands on information security, which Russian software fully complies with. The agreement will provide the younger generation with barrier-free access to modern technologies and will have a significant impact on the development of digital literacy skills, ”said Jafar Hilali, Founder and Managing Partner of Carousel Finance SA, Master Distribution Partner of MyOffice in Africa.

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