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The Russian payment system SBP will turn a smartphone into a payment terminal

The Russian payment system SBP will turn a smartphone into a payment terminal

Today, July 4, the Izvestia news outlet, citing its sources, reported that in the foreseeable future, owners of NFC-enabled smartphones in Russia will have the opportunity to turn their mobile device into a full-fledged payment terminal. This feature is being developed by the payment clearing center “National System of Payment Cards” as part of the “Systems of Fast Payments” program as its own alternative to Apple Pay and Google Pay services. As a result, users will receive not only the classic contactless payment functions for paying for goods and services, but will also be able to receive payments for work performed.

The journalists of the Izvestia publication report that at the moment Delobank has already supported the corresponding functionality of turning a regular smartphone into a payment terminal, plus in the foreseeable future the management of VTB and RNKB also plans to support the latest program of fast payments. In addition, according to media reports, the ability to receive payments directly to a smartphone will be implemented not only on devices running Android, but also on gadgets with iOS. The authors of the program are confident that the presented method of accepting payments will be extremely useful and in demand among small businesses, as well as their employees, especially couriers, the service sector, and not only.

At the moment, it is known that to receive payments, you will need to use the seller’s smartphone with SoftPOS technology, while the client or buyer will have to install the SBPey application – it is supported on Android 6.0 and higher smartphones and on gadgets running iOS from version 13 and newer. The requirements are quite loyal, and Delobank has already reported that they have successfully tested the appropriate technology – now the bank is ready for the industrial application of a new method of accepting payments.

Moreover, a representative of Russian Standard Bank noted that the SBPey system is already supported by 114 banks, including the largest players in the market, and the use of an ordinary smartphone as a full-fledged payment terminal will allow many small businesses to significantly save on the necessary equipment for receiving payments. . And, best of all, in the case of payment through a smartphone terminal, the transaction fee will be no more than 0.7% – ordinary acquiring usually sets a larger fee.

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