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The S-Assessment arrives, to measure the social impact of companies

The climate emergency, the energy crisis and the scarcity of raw materials have made companies move and are committed to going beyond the veneer of marketing, which tends to flaunt easy green strategies: now organizations are serious and are actually installing solar panels , they really recycle water, they really eliminate toxic elements from their production.

But, as is now known, in the 17 points of the 2030 Agenda, there are quite a few passages relating to social sustainability and the first international study on social sustainability, carried out by the DIAG (Department of Computer, Automatic and Management Engineering) of Sapienza University of Rome and financed by Re-World, an innovative female startup founded by the journalist and writer Eugenia Romanelli. In view of the social reporting obligations in the sustainability reports for approximately 8000 Italian companies from January 2025 and thanks to the optimization of Eikon SC Società Benefit, today the study has become theS-Assessmentthe first European index capable of measure the social impact of organizations.

The first to have already obtained it are the giants Tim And Raibut already many medium-sized companies are queuing up to get their achievement badge and display the badge Social Sustainability Changer: «We have invested in this research to make Italy a beacon and driving force, in Europe, of social sustainability, making up for the half century of delay with respect to environmental sustainability, both in terms of taxonomies and metrics and of perceptions. The operation is macroscopic and concerns measurement paradigms but also communication and advocacy campaigns: it is necessary to help the entire country system to understand what is meant by socially sustainable societies and organizations to identify the advantages of socially sustainable impact, also in terms of business performance”, explains Eugenia Romanelli.

A socially sustainable society is one that creates the opportunities and resources to foster the full fulfillment of its members, without compromising that of future generations. An extraordinary ethical challenge and a collective responsibility towards humanity. If the drive for change has historically been ecological while reflection on the governance of finance has been the natural reaction to the evidence of incorrect and potentially destructive practices, the social question has instead been confined for a long time to the corridors of authoritative but cold institutions supranationals, considered almost a theoretical exercise with little impact on public opinion: «Arriving at a true concept of Universal Ownership in which choices are oriented towards respecting the interests of the community requires a profound transformation: but mixing the economy and Isn’t ecology with eudaemonia the recipe for the pursuit of happiness?”, concludes Eugenia Romanelli.

Social sustainability is a key factor, there is no doubt, and not only in the name of equity and equal opportunities, but also because it represents the human capital necessary for economic and environmental development and is a compensatory element for critical issues and shortcomings in these sectors. And fortunately now, in this sense, any organization can begin its transformation journey by adhering to this «S-Assessment», which measures the impact of the «S» (Social) factor and helps companies become leaders of change : «We have also launched the Visionary ReWriters project», explains Cristina Cenci, President of Re-World, «a roadmap towards 2030 that will involve some visionary leaders to invent and implement social sustainability practices, making our country an example for others and bringing it into a more equal future.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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