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The scalp brush for healthier hair in the shower

There is no peace for those who are looking for the perfect routine for hair cleansing. Because in the end, it doesn’t depend solely and exclusively on the choice of shampoo he was born in balm.

We fill the bathroom with masks, leave-in products and shine sprays, but what if the error was at the base? Yes, because without a correct one scalp cleansing we’re not going anywhere.

Because let’s face it: it’s all there. If the hair has volume, if it is fluffy, if it doesn’t get heavy in a few hours… it’s all always and solely thanks to the scalp.

That’s why, after testing it firsthand, I realized that this silicone brush for the scalp (from just under 5 euros) is what you need for crazy hair.

Silicone shampoo brush

Yes, the scalp brush changed everything

Before buying it I talked about it with my hairdresser who, even if it’s difficult to accept it, is the only one who can afford to judge my hair. We saw it, evaluated it together and, in the end, understood that it could be a useful accessory.

And so, after purchasing this scalp brushI experienced it first hand. A turning point: who would have thought that four (or a little more) silicone teeth would have made the difference?!

The advantages? Truly so many and it seems absurd that so little is enough to change an entire thing haircare routine.

Scalp exfoliation

There skin is skin, yet we tend to forget it. So if we commit ourselves to scrubs and exfoliating acids for the face, why don’t we do the same for the scalp? Here thanks to the silicone bristles, which they lift and eliminate dead cells, you will obtain a truly pleasant gentle scrub. And finally i hair pores will be free and your hair will have room to grow full and thick.

Activation of the microcirculation

For healthy (and especially long) hair the blood microcirculation it is fundamental: the more the area is sprayed, the more the hair will be nourished, fuller and new will always grow. Using circular movements, you will perform a massage very similar to the one you receive at the hairdresser, thus allowing the circulation to regain all its vitality.

More detangled hair

We know the number one rule: hair must be combed before being washed. Afterwards, in fact, it is best to remove only the last knots, but avoid vigorous brushing to avoid the risk of breaking the fibres. Here too the silicone brush proves its usefulness since helps avoid getting tangled further the fibers (especially the thinner ones).

Password: relaxation

Shower time is also the right time to unplug a bit. And here too the toothbrush can come to our aid by helping us release tension and stress which accumulate during the day (thus avoiding analgesics for headaches for an evening). To be used in combination with a scented shampoo and a few drops of rosemary oil for a double effect: stimulating and aromatherapeutic.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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