The scary moment when a stranger tries to throw a woman on the rails and the subway is coming

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A video that saw the light of day captures frame by frame the moments when a man with a history of schizophrenia tries to push a stranger in front of subway in southeastern Brazil.

35-year-old José Elias is standing behind something that looks like a backpack, looking at the rails at the Sé metro station in Sao Paolo. He then approaches the woman and grabs her by the arms, just as the train arrives at the station.

The woman resists and runs to the back of the platform. He then left the station, while the other passengers waiting on the platform did not seem to react.

The incident took place on April 23, but the images from the security cameras were released on Twitter on Wednesday by @ São Paulo Sobre Trilhos (São Paulo on Rails), an account that posts content related to the metro.

The woman’s name has not been made known by the Sao Paulo authorities. According to the UOL Band website, the security guards at the station detained the man after the incident and handed him over to the police.

When they searched his bag, they found notes with plans on how to kill people and how to commit suicide, according to a Daily Mail article.

Police also found a medical record showing that Elias had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2016. He had also been arrested several times in the past.

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