The scenario is open for the extension of the obligation to other age groups

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By Dimitris Gatsios

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The government leaves open the front of the opening of the υποχρε fan mandatory of the vaccine in other age groups, over 60 and over. At the same time, decisions on the booster dose within four months are expected to be made even within the week.

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“Mandatory is a tool, the last resort, to increase vaccination coverage which is assessed and utilized according to the evolution, the epidemiological events, the dynamics of the pandemic and the situation. The government has made this brave decision. There is a specific timetable for development and implementation and all the other health measures that govern the way the country operates. “We are here now, in this way we are moving forward and we are ready at any time what we need to do for the pandemic to do it”, Mr. Oikonomou noted, during the briefing for the journalists.

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Source From: Capital

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