The secret girlfriend of Nicolas Vaporidis is called Ali

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A blonde lie. Like this Ilary Blasipresenter of theIsland of the Famoushe called the secret girlfriend of Nicolas Vaporidiswho shortly before being elected winner of the longest ever edition of the reality show, received (and read) live a letter received from the girl, finally revealing her name: Ali.

At the beginning of the program Nicolas, who in the past he was married to Giorgia Surinahad told of being single, a bit ‘for to protect there privacy of his girlfriend, a little so as not to advertise too much for one story that began a few months ago.

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In April however distance and nostalgia had prevailed over privacy and the actor had unbuttoned himself, revealing that he was trying unprecedented feelings: «When I met you I saw something that a few years ago I was not able to see. I was used badly“, He said. But beyond him he was not unbalanced, and he hadn’t revealed any details neither about her nor about their relationship «It’s mine happy thinkingI try to cling to her as much as possible. I miss himHe had limited himself to telling.

But Ali, who follows him from London where he livesand who misses him as much as he, for the end of the program, he wanted to deliver, through production, a letter to his Nicolasto tell him how much she too missed him and how much he is important: «Dear Nicolas, first of all I wanted to tell you that I’m fine. I’m here, exactly where you left me and I follow you every day “she wrote him in the letter Vaporidis read aloud and between tearsthe beginning.

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“I can only imagine how physically and mentally stressful life on the island is, but at the same time you are having an incredible experience. Enjoy that as much as you can sea and the view from your secret peak of Cajo Cochinobefore returning to this megalopolis, in the meantime you know that I am waiting for you here. You’re always in my mind and I can’t wait for the moment when we will meet again and I will finally be able to hug you ».

“We met in the most complicated moment of my life and she accepted everything with a smile, without ever making me weigh anything and this made me fall in love»Said Vaporidis, who, besides being blonde, also said that she is« extremely intelligent ». Nothing else has he wanted to add, for the moment, but now that Pandora’s box is uncovered maintain confidentiality it will be very difficult.

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