The secret moves to make those born in Libra fall in love

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Under the sign of the Weight scale. The birthday season of the sling bars begins, starting on 23 September, with the last celebrations on 22 October. Air sign that officially starts autumn and in the early cold, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which means a spasmodic need for harmony, serenity, kindness, educationAnd. Those born of this sign, including Catherine Deneuve, Michael Douglas, Bruce Springsteen, Will Smith, Jovanotti, Fedez and Monica Bellucci, look for these qualities in their partner and, in general, in their working and emotional entourage.

Let’s leave the word to the astrologer.

As theastrologer Terry Alaimo, “Libra has a pure soul and detests injustices, as well as vulgarity and chaos. The first sign of autumn is also known for his fine intelligence and his ability to tread alternative paths, departing from tradition. He always moves and acts with grace and, in life, this is what an esthete calls: loves beauty, in all its forms“. Negative side? «Often he is dazzled by the appearance of a perfect body, in the search for his better half. Too bad, because those born in Libra are hyper, super romantic and capable of giving themselves completely in love ». As remembers theexpert in crystal therapy Emanuela Mattiuzzi, “If you want to attract a person of this sign to you, remember that the stone-talisman of Libra is the green tourmaline. This crystal allows you to work positively on the heart chakra, stimulating a positive and emotional energy, fortifying the aspects of serenity and calm, so important for Libra, often very insecure and easy to Hamletic doubts (also and especially in love). Holding a fragment of green tourmaline on the chest, as a pendant, or placed on the bedside table in the bedroom, allows you to absorb the harmonizing influence of the stoneirresistible to Libra ».

In gallery found the moves recommended by the astrologer to make Libra fall at your feet.

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