The secret “Skull and Bone Community” and the strange story with the body of the legendary Geronimo

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The story that follows has all those ingredients that can “give birth” to a great thriller. A horror film which, in fact, has political implications.

In 1918 a secret group called the Skull and Bones Community, founded by Yale University students, raided the Oklahoma Prisoner of War Cemetery.

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They did not enter this cemetery by chance. There, since 1909, rested Geronimo, the leader of the Apache. His grave was the one they had targeted. According to legend, members of this secret community stole what was left of his body and took it to their club in New Haven, Connecticut!

To this day, the university denies any connection to this obscure case. And the US state itself, however, is not going back. Any attempt to investigate what really happened that night falls on deaf ears. A story, after all, that could bring back to the American memory what the Indians suffered, would only have bad consequences for a country that has many reasons to remain divided anyway.

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And perhaps all this would be even worse if one considers that the descendants of the Apaches who are still seeking justice accuse Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the former US President, of being one of the gravediggers! A member of the “Skull and Bone Community”, Prescott Bush is said to have participated in many deadly rituals, including that of Jeronimo.

Who was the legendary Geronimo?

Birth and nourishment of the earth. Free air. Of the mountains. It was gaining strength from the soil. It was one with nature. Geronimo was not just a warlord. It was an indomitable spirit. He was the warrior whose tactics in the guerrilla movement were copied by Ernesto Che Guevara.

He was born in a gorge in Arizona, in June 1829. His Indian name was Goyale which in free translation means “he who yawns”! It belonged to the Tsirikawa Apache. The legend of his tribe wants him to devour the heart of the first deer he killed, in order to gain speed and endurance in hunting.

In 1858, while the Apache warriors were missing from their camp, Mexican troops (then still Arizona was part of Mexico) invaded him and slaughtered the women and children and the elderly who were left behind.

Among the dead were his wife, three children and Goyale’s mother who from that day on became Jeronimo who vowed to avenge the blood that was so unjustly shed. For ten whole years, Geronimo and 200 other fearless Apache Indians who dug up the axes of war took part in a bloody vendetta that left hundreds of Mexican soldiers dead.

He never quenched his revenge for what he lost. Just from one point and then the enemy changed. The Mexican soldiers were replaced by the Americans, who after the end of the war between the two countries had annexed many territories on behalf of the USA. Between these lands and the ancestral land of the Apaches.

The expansionist policy of the USA, turned the areas where the people lived into “fillets” Indians. And when most of his tribe surrendered to the Americans and agreed to live, almost imprisoned, in camps far from their land, Geronimo made the mountains his home and the guerrilla his life. Full of rage and hatred for the “pale faces” he made one raid after another.

Shortly before his arrest, for the first time, he had only 35 men left when more than 5,000 American soldiers fell in his hunt. After four years he manages to escape and a new guerrilla war begins. Finally, on September 4, 1886, he became the last Apache Tsirikawa to lay down his arms. Although his “pale faces” had promised him a free life, he was transferred from prison to prison and spent his time in forced labor.

The Americans turn him into a tourist attraction and hordes of tourists pass by the prison camp to see the bloodthirsty warlord up close and buy souvenirs. Geronimo spends the last twenty years of his life ashamed as the US government refuses to release him so that he can die free.

On February 17, 1909, withered and struck by severe pneumonia, he will give up his last breath. Shortly before he will admit that he should never surrender and that he should fight to the end. Not even dead, he was not allowed to return to the land he loved so much, he was buried in the Fort Sill War Cemetery in Oklahoma.

The secret “Community of Skull and Bones” and the request for a return to the homeland

Geronimo’s shocking story from then until today comes to the fore again and again and is usually accompanied by the demand for the release of the Indian warlord. His descendants even now believe that Geronimo is in a state of captivity.

“His spirit will wander until the proper burial takes place. “The only way to close the case is to release the remains, his spirit and return him to his homeland,” said Harlin Geronimo, the legendary Indian’s great-grandson.

Obviously, the “release of the relics” used by Geronimo’s great-grandson was not accidental. On the 100th anniversary of the death of the Apache leader, he had filed a lawsuit demanding the surrender of his skull and some other bones that had been illegally stolen by the “Community of Skull and Bones” from Geronimo’s tomb. Of course this lawsuit had no luck…

The “Skull and Bone Community” is a secret organization that is said to be hiding behind the theft. According to those who accuse her, the theft was revealed in 1918 when an internal letter that should have been destroyed was stored in the archive, from where it was finally retrieved by a World War I researcher. In this letter everything was revealed and especially that the bones of Geronimo are in a secret tomb inside Yale University under the supervision of the Community.

Skull and Bones was founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russell (of the famous US family) and Alfonso Taft, whose father, Tecton, William Howard Taft, was the only one to succeed as President of the United States and head of the Supreme Court. country.

The list of members of the Community is endless and in it you can find names like Rockefeller, Brown, Ruth and of course Bush! The members of the Community are known as the “Bonesmen” and are based in “The Tomb”. Even today, they are considered one of the most powerful elite secret societies in the United States and have multi-billion dollar deals (mostly for military equipment through their companies) with the state.

Their emblem is a skull with two femurs and there are many who claim that they belong to Jeronimos! The “Bonesmen” themselves insist that they have nothing to do with what they are being accused of.

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