The shape of the eyebrows according to the face: the guide

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Since the book came out Brow Styling. How to take care of your face and learn to love yourself from Sara Vecchi, published by Mondadori, le eyebrows they have for the first time an Italian book that talks entirely about them. Confirming the prominent role they play on the face.

«With this book I want to teach people to look at themselves as a stimulus to learn to like themselves and as a practice of mindfulness. Focusing on the details allows you not to make mistakes and not to choose looks that penalize the overall harmony of the face “, says Sara, beautician and expert in microblading. A guide full of practical advice on how to intervene to maximize the beauty of your face through eyebrows, eye make-up and contouring.

Sara Vecchi, Brow Styling. How to take care of your face and learn to love yourself, Mondadori Electa, 160 pages, € 16.90.

What I found out about microblading

Eyebrows: the fundamental element of the face

The eyebrows are a communicative element. They express emotions and make the look sweeter or more angular. Sizes and proportions allow you to get the best shape of eyebrows for each face. Or what we can call natural eyebrows. “Desiring the shape or thickness of someone else’s brows never leads to the best result. Perfect brows are the right ones for a particular face. You are already born with the ones that are optimal for your face, which is why it is not necessary to redesign or distort them, but only to retouch them to reveal their “perfect” shape ».

Eyebrows: the perfect proportions

The ideal eyebrows for each face take this number into account: 1.618 which indicates the ratio between the lengths of the golden section. Everything that is in this proportion is recognized by the eye as beautiful. «In the proportion between the elements of the faces that are universally considered attractive, you will find the golden section. The closer the result is to 1.618, the more the eye judges that pleasant-looking face. Not all faces respect these proportions and not for this reason they are ugly indeed, but taking this element into account allows you not to make mistakes and to put into practice some precautions to enhance yourself “.

The shapes of the eyebrows

How eyebrows can correct facial defects

As Sara suggests in the book, there are two things to consider to find the shape that best suits your features: the position of the eyebrows according to the bone, the shape of the face and the hair present (i.e., where the eyebrow actually is), and their shape with the golden proportion, which is calculated with a particular professional compass.

A thicker or thinner, straighter or more arched, longer or shorter eyebrow can make facial features look different and can correct some defects optically:

Eyes very close together: aim to increase the distance between the eyebrows.
High forehead: there is a tendency to raise the arch of the eyebrows, to fill the forehead.
Low forehead: straight eyebrows work. Often those with low foreheads also have a protruding frontal bone, and the eyebrows tend to be naturally straight.
Long or thick nose: the starting point of the eyebrows is raised, slightly increasing the space in the center to create “air”, light and space that slightly flatten the face. While the first part of the eyebrow (the one closest to the nose) must be kept light.

The eyebrows according to the shape of the face

Eyebrows and eye shapes.

Oval face: the eyebrows reflect the classic shape of the face. Rounded, not too slender upwards, with the central part longer than the tail.
Elongated face: a straight eyebrow should be done, with the apex low, which makes the face appear less elongated.
Square or rectangular face: the eyebrow is academic in proportions, but with more angular angles. With a square face the apex rises, with a rectangular face, it lowers.
Round face: it is a short type of face, which must be elongated. So we are going to project the apex of the eyebrows upwards, raising it to streamline, without making them appear excessively angular.
Triangle face pointing down: eyebrows with apexes closer to the beginning to have a narrowing of the upper part of the face.
Pointed Up Triangle Face: the apexes are separated, so the tail will be shorter than the body of the eyebrow.

Mistakes not to make

  1. Twist your natural eyebrows, totally redesigning their shape.
  2. Overdo it with the tweezers. Because unfortunately it is true: to remove too much, then the hair does not grow back.
  3. Apply the highlighter over the bone.
  4. Think about getting the effect fox eyes with the technique of microblading. (here we enter the field of aesthetic medicine).
  5. Draw the beginning of the eyebrow in reverse. That is with the inclination of the starting point which gives an angry expression.
  6. Draw round eyebrows thinking about raising the eye.
  7. Give an elongated shape by forgetting to raise them. The effect will be an even more closed eye.


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