The Sheikh of Dubai, Queen Elizabeth and a scandal of many “Richter”

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A «close friend of Queen Elizabeth II“(As described by the British media) is exposed in the face of a megaton scandal, which, unwittingly, causes another headache in Buckingham.

The 95-year-old monarch is huddled “on the ropes” as one of her personal friends (and his sheikh Dubai, with all that entails) turned out to have given instruct his associates to monitor cell phones both his ex-wife and her British lawyer, Baroness Fiona Sackleton.

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The reason for him Governor of Dubai and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who, as ruled a few days ago by a decision of the Supreme Court of England, ordered the hacking of the phones of his ex-wife, her 47-year-old Princess Haya, and her lawyers as part of an “ongoing campaign of intimidation and threats” during a court battle between them over custody of their children after she left Britain with two of them, 13-year-old Jalila and 9-year-old Zaged.

According to the relevant court decision, the sheikh used the advanced Pegasus spy software, developed by the Israeli company NSO and that can intercept data and conversations from mobile phones, while it even has the ability to activate their microphones so that they in turn record live conversations.

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In the case of Princess Haya, it turned out that A total of 24 hours of conversations were recorded, while more than 500 photos were stolen from her mobile phone.

The most interesting thing about this case is the fact that Haya was informed about the hacking through her lawyer, in which the wife of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had revealed everything. THE Sherry Blair is an NSO Legal Adviser and as soon as she heard what was happening, she hurried to inform Sackleton.

“Elizabeth II is on display”

The British media insist that the whole affair “exposes” the queen because Elizabeth has been the sheikh’s friend for many years, with whom she shares her passion for horse racing – In fact, the sheikh has his own horse stable in Ascot. The two meet every year in Ascot, where his famous horse races take place every year, and in fact They also sit in adjacent galleries talking throughout the games.

Somehow, the 95-year-old monarch was forced a few hours ago to make a difficult and painful decision for the same will no longer invite her close friend and traditional ally of Britain, to attend with her in the royal galleries of the famous horse races.

Although Buckingham Palace declined to comment on reports in the British press that the sheikh had been expelled from the royal galleries at the Ascot Horse Racing, local media reports say the Queen made the decision so that absolutely nothing will be done from now on. connection of the monarchy with the unprecedented scandal that has erupted against the sheikh.

However, the whole issue has intense politics… you, as Labor demands the creation of a bilateral diplomatic issue with demands about recalls of ambassadors from the Emirates.

The Labor MP Chris Bryant said the Foreign Office should conduct a thorough investigation into Britain’s relations with Dubai. “The Foreign Office “He has to order a thorough inquiry into our relations with Dubai, and I think the Secretary of State should call the (Dubai) ambassador for a coffee-free meeting,” Bryant said.

The issue has already reached pthe House of Lords and everything shows that Prime Minister Boris Johnson he will not be able to avoid it and will soon be forced to address extensively on this burning issue that threatens bilateral relations.

For the record, let us also mention that Haya, the youngest of the six wives of the sheikh left him in 2019 with their two children and fled to Britain, where she sought protection from British justice for herself and her children. The princess lives in a mansion in a suburb of London, which she bought in 2017 from an Indian billionaire. The blue-blooded woman from Jordan lives in fear that her ex-husband could abduct their children by helicopter at any time to take them back to Dubai.

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