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The shocking confession of a BBC presenter about the battle with cancer

Its presenter causes emotion BBC Johnny Irwin talking about the battle he has with him cancer.

Johnny Irwin, having been diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2020, shared the struggles he faces and his efforts to keep his illness from affecting his daily life.

In November, he announced that he “doesn’t know how much time” he has left. So decided to celebrate his 50th birthday early with a big party. A total of 170 loved ones attended. “It was a wonderful night. I chose a playlist of some great music from the 90s and 2000s and people came from all over the country and abroad. “I didn’t know the amount of faith and generosity my friends would show,” she says Sun and adds.

“I’ve been blown away and blown away by their support, as well as the support of our families, who have been amazing. I just wanted to do something to celebrate my birthday and had no idea how many people would actually show up. It was incredible.”

And while the party is a happy memory for him, many of his day-to-day activities are not. which, as he tells him, are now difficult.

In an emotional account, Johnny Irwin told how difficult it is for him to play football with his son. “I tried to play soccer with Rex the other day and I was in goal and I couldn’t get near the ball. It was so disappointing.”

I’m very athletic and all of a sudden… it was like it was my first time trying to play soccer. I felt like a grandfather. And that bent me a little. I always thought, ‘I’m an older dad, but I’m going to lead from the front,’ but now I’m at the back,” he said.

The host of the show “A Place in the Sun” of Channel 4 and the show “Escape to the Country” of the BBC, despite the difficulties, he is determined to fight for himself and his family, his 40-year-old wife Jess, his son Rex, and his twin children Rafa and Kornak, two years old. “I’m weak now, fragile…but I’m still here”declares.

Source: News Beast

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