The SilentiumPC Fera 5 Dual Fan processor cooling system differs from the Fera 5 in the number of fans

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SilentiumPC has announced the release of the fifth generation of Fera processor cooling systems. These cooling systems are said to have been designed from the ground up and are the first in the Fera range to feature a new asymmetric heatsink design and a new Fluctus 120 PWM fan. It differs from its predecessor in the modernized bearing, new blades and vibration damping bushings at the attachment points. The cooling system of the Fera 5 has one such fan, the Fera 5 Dual Fan two. The rest of the systems are identical.

The fan speed of Fluctus 120 PWM fans can be adjusted in the range from 300 to 1800 rpm. The possibility of stopping the fan allows for semi-passive operation By the way, Fluctus 120 PWM fans will be available separately.

The design of the new cooling systems includes a block of 56 aluminum fins threaded on four copper heat pipes that directly contact the processor cover. Thanks to the asymmetric shape, the heatsink does not interfere with the RAM modules located next to the processor, regardless of their height.

The new mounting system makes the Fera 5 compatible with all current connectors, including AM4 and LGA 1200. Includes a batch of Pactum PT-3 thermal paste, which should last several times. Note that the Fera 5 comes with a second set of fan clips.

The Fera 5 and Fera 5 Dual Fan cooling systems are already available for € 25.90 and € 32.90 respectively.

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