The six characteristics that make a toothbrush the best ally of oral hygiene

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Do you know what happens when high professionalism in oral hygiene meets the fresh vibes of the most contemporary urban art? The new is born Urban Edition tau-marin, a collection of high quality toothbrushes made in collaboration with the skater and artist Mattia Turco. Objective: to represent a meeting between two inclinations, that of the unmistakable bristles of the Professional 27 and that of those who love to celebrate their desire for freedom and movement.

Strengthened by the professionalism and high quality recognized by a leading pharmacy brand in the manual toothbrush market, the Urban Edition by tau-marin collection is a novelty not only in terms of performance but also in terms of style. Not only that: all the multicolor toothbrushes in the collection are made with attention to the environment, to reaffirm the proximity of the brand to the theme of eco-sustainability.

In particular, there are six characteristics of the toothbrushes of the new tau-marin collection that make them excellent allies for oral hygiene care:

1.The 27 mm short head of the Professional 27 toothbrush guarantees maximum effectiveness.
2. The scalar inclination of the bristles allows you to reach even the most hidden points of the mouth.
3.The bristles are made of tynex and have a rounded tip, to avoid trauma to teeth and gums.
4.The bristles also have a differentiated elasticity: rigid to remove plaque correctly and semi-rigid to massage the gums.
5. The handle is ergonomic and non-slip to allow a correct grip.
6. Each toothbrush is made with 75% recycled plastic.

Last but not least, the fact that all toothbrushes are entirely designed and produced in Italy by tau-marin, a brand that has been able to combine functionality, style and technical expertise in the world of oral hygiene in pharmacies for more than 50 years.

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