The Social State and the entertainment workers in the most exciting performance of the third evening

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The welfare state in the night of the covers he sings (Albi and non Lodo) It is not forever of Afterhours with Emanuela Fanelli, Francesco Pannofino and entertainment workers. The Bolognese band, which in 2018 gave us as a gift, making it immortal “the old woman who dances” is a precise choice.

The names of theaters, skipped events, including live shows and concerts.“Alcatraz, Milan, opened in 1987 and closed in February 2020. We don’t know when it will reopen,” says Lodo. «Cinema Iris, Messina.

We do not know when it will reopen », continues Pannofino. «The Mandrioli cinema, in the province of Bologna, continues to show films during the lockdown, behind closed doors. So that the voices of the characters are not lacking in the city ». Everything closed, due to a pandemic.

«But nothing is forever “, the exhibition ends.

“We have invited the only guests without whom our life would not have been possible: entertainment workers. The only thing we can do is tell everyone that we are here, we are here, we do the best job in the world and we want to continue doing it, everyone », the boys write via Twitter immediately after.

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