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The socialist opposition in Portugal won the European elections by a small margin

Portugal’s socialist opposition narrowly won the European elections, beating the center-right governing coalition, according to near-final official results. The far-right Sega party takes third place with 9.8% of the vote, a performance almost double that of the parliamentary elections (18%). Not far behind was the Liberal Party, which had also finished in fourth place in March. The ballot led by the socialist Marta Temidou, the minister of health during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, took first place with 32.1% of the votes, against 31.1% secured by the candidates of the governing alliance, led by a 28-year-old journalist who made his debut in politics, Sebastiao Bougaliou. March parliamentary elections ended eight years of Socialist rule under Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who resigned in November after his name was implicated in an influence-peddling investigation. The alliance of the right, under the head of the new government Luís Montenegro, […]
Source: News Beast

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