The Spaniards took the mountains to escape the restrictions due to coronavirus

THE Spain has imposed on its citizens one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, with the aim of stopping the spread of coronavirus. However, it is a given that people are pressured and it does not seem absurd to look for ways out, so that they can feel a sense of freedom. In this context ραν took the mountains, with whatever consequences this may have.

A helicopter flew over a snow-capped mountain in Catalonia and transported an injured climber to safety, according to footage released late yesterday by the rescue team, responding to another call for help while an increase in climber accidents has been recorded.

The Catalan Climber Rescue Team recorded a 16% increase last year in calls to help climbers, while in Madrid this number increased by 27%. Rescue services link the increase to the fact that the Spaniards rushed to the mountains to escape the coronavirus lockdowns.

In the last rescue operation, a 48-year-old man fell and injured his leg yesterday (22/03), while trying to climb the peak of Comabona, 2,500 meters high, in the Spanish Pyrenees.

“I call it the prison bird syndrome,” said Mamel Jimenez, a Madrid-based driver who has seen a sharp increase in the number of people going to the Guadarama Mountains outside the city.

Struggling to contain the pandemic, Spain imposed one of the strictest lockdowns last spring, banning even short walks outdoors. “When the restrictions eased in May, there was an immediate increase in visits to national parks and green spaces,” said Iniho Ayion of the FEDME National Mountaineering Federation, according to APE-MPE.

“It simply came to our notice then. “After the quarantine, people wanted to broaden their horizons and regain that sense of freedom.”